New Thru 30

What Is It?

It's something we SHOULD do. It's something we WANT to do. It's something we NEED to do. And the best part is… we’re doing it together.

Every year thousands of people promise themselves they’re going to do it this year. They’re going to read through the Bible. Or they’re going to read a little bit everyday. Or they’re just going to start fresh and do better this year. Most people don’t make it. Not even through the first month.

But this year is different. We’re going to start with something we can all handle. It’s the new year, and we’re reading the New Testament. And we’re doing it in 30 days. It’s called New Thru 30, a sermon series you have the opportunity to participate in with churches all around the country.

What We've Got for You

We don't expect you to jump headfirst into this thing without the necessary tools. We would love for you to do this sermon series along with us and other churches around the country, and you can follow along using the Reading Plan and Study Guide we've provided on this site. And if you're a church leader, pastor or community group leader, we've provided you with some valuable resources - a series preview/trailer, sermon bumpers to show weekly, printable study guides and reading plans, and more - to help keep things moving right along during this series. So take a look around, download the resources and use what works - we're in this together, and it's an honor to partner with you on this exciting initiative.